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Bio-Activator & Waste Degrader


Bio-Activator & Waste Degrader Is an all-natural specialized blend of bacterial cultures and nutrients specifically selected for their ability to degrade typical marine and institutional sewage.


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Weight2 lbs

This synergistic mix of facultative bacteria (aerobic & anaerobic bacteria) generates a variety of enzymes to help break down starch, fats, oil, grease, protein, and cellulose found in the waste stream. It will reduce odor and solids, and improve biological activity in your sewage treatment system the natural way.

Sum uh dat Bio-Activator & Waste Degrader is the #1 option to safely and quickly accelerate the natural biological degrading process in marine sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment systems, and marine sanitation devices.

This product contains 20 one (1) oz. packs and comes ready to use.

The Benefits & Effects of Use:

  • Accelerates Organic Waste Degradation
  • Replenishes Valuable Microorganisms
  • Serves as Microbial Food Source
  • Keeps System Working Effectively
  • Reduces Odors & Solids
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Improves Biological Activity

Our products are HAZARD FREE and contain no corrosive chemicals, no acids, no phosphates or caustic cleansers. They will not cause damage to any metal, ceramics, PVC plumbing or plastic parts and are completely 100% BIO-DEGRADEABLE. They are SAFE for HUMANS, PETS, and the ENVIRONMENT.

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