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Bio-Enhancer & Odor Controller


Bio-Enhancer & Odor Controller Is a special blend of processed vegetative enzymes, proteins, and nutrients formulated to enhance and maximize the natural biodegrading process in all waste treatment systems. This blend increases bacteria metabolism 1000% allowing the system to function in a near-anaerobic condition in fresh and saltwater environments. It contains a complex mixture of vegetable based derivatives that are chemically modified to bond-with and destroys the source of foul odors, Not Cover Them Up.


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Weight3 lbs

Sum uh dat Bio-Enhancer & Odor Controller is the #1 option to safely and quickly eliminate foul odors in marine sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment systems, and marine sanitation devices.

This product contains 32 FL. OZ of formula and comes ready to use.

The Benefits & Effects of Use:

  • Enhances the Natural Bio-Degrading Process
  • Increases Bacteria Metabolism 1000%
  • Promotes New Bacteria Growth
  • Pre-measuring & Dispensing Bottle
  • Quickly Destroys Foul Odors, Not Cover Them Up
  • Effective in Fresh & Saltwater Environments
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable

Our products are HAZARD FREE, contains no corrosive chemicals, no acids, no phosphates or caustic cleansers. They will not cause damage to any metal, ceramics,  PVC plumbing or plastic parts and are completely 100% BIO-DEGRADEABLE. They are SAFE for HUMANS, PETS, and the ENVIRONMENT.


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