Models AP-120L, AP-150L, AP-200L

Models AP-120L, AP-150L, AP-200L



Ahead Sanitation Systems’ Hurricane Linear Air Pumps are designed to provide the right amount of air pressure and are built to be durable and rugged.

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Pump Features:

  • Durability: The moving parts consist of an activating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms which vibrate laterally, permitting long -term continuous operation-a minimum of 35,000 hours of service-free life on many models.
  • No Lubrication Necessary: There is no sliding part and therefore no need for lubrication. An added advantage thus is that the exhausted air is always clean.
  • High Efficiency: Operation is based upon the principle of electromagnetic vibration which eliminates the need for sliding parts, thereby minimizing power consumption and offering high efficiency.
  • Compact and Powerful: Hurricane Linear Air Pumps incorporate two electro-magnets, one to the front, the other to the rear, which act upon permanent magnets, providing perfectly balanced vibration and allowing a compact but powerful device.
  • Low Noise: Sound insulation is of prime importance when designing the pneumatic circuit and vibrating section.
  • Smooth Air Flow: The exhaust rate is uniform and stable and vibration minimal therefore is ideally suited for applications which require consistent air pressure and supply.

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