Chemical Injection Metering Pump

Chemical Injection Metering Pump


The AHEAD TANK Chemical Injection Metering Pump is a peristaltic technology metering pump. Our chemical injection metering pump is designed, engineered, and built to last.

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The pump is equipped with a ON/OFF rocker switch and cycle timer control dial. The control dial provides Variable Run Time Control: (1-100% ON-TIME of a repeating 10 minute cycle).

The AHEAD TANK Chemical Injection Metering Pump is a component of the AHEAD TANK with a drip chlorinator. It is only required on AHEAD TANK Models AT-16D and AT-20D, AT-25STP-D and AT-35STP-D.

The AHEAD TANK Chemical Injection Metering Pump is available in 110V and 220V. It comes with the purchase of a unit or can be purchased alone. Chemical Metering Pump Repair Kit are available if warranted.

Accessories: Chemical Metering Pump Repair Kit

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