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The SANIFLO SANICONDEN is the most new and replacement boiler (known as condensing boilers). The water vapor produced in the combustion process condenses into a liquid form. This acidic liquid, known as condensate, has to be piped away to a remote drain. This poses problems when the boiler is sited below drain or sewer level as the liquid cannot be drained by gravity.


The SANIFLO SANICONDEN is specifically designed for disposing the acidic condensate from condensing boilers and can equally be used in conjunction with other water producing equipment such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, hot water cylinder relief valves and so on.

The SANIFLO SANICONDEN is a small but powerful pumping unit that will take the discharge from a condensing boiler or other water producing fixtures and pump it away to a drain. The unit, which can be floor or wall mounted, will pump up to 4.5 meters vertically. It can pump up to 342 liters/hour and if pumping vertically to 4 meters will pump at 156 liters/hour.