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Bio Media Replacement Kit


Ahead Sanitation recommends servicing the Ahead Tank at least every six months, or “as needed” depending upon the usage of the system.

Part of this “service” means cleaning or replacing the Bio Media found in the Clarification Chamber.

The Clarification Chamber and Bio Media are where the bacteria hang out, so it is important to make sure to keep their living quarters pleasing to them so the bacteria can continue to do their job.

What size tank do you have? Bio Media Replacement Kit is available in 3 sizes 56 gallon (AT-6T, AT-10STP, AT-10STP-D), 88 gallon ( AT-12T, AT-16D, AT-18STP, AT-25STP-D) and 110 gallon (AT-20D, AT-35STP-D).

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Cleaning Bio Media can certainly be a scary feat for some; it is messy and time-consuming – YIKES!

To make your #2 business simpler we offer Bio Media Replacement Kits should you choose to simply replace the Bio Media instead of cleaning and reusing it. It is always nice to have a spare on your boat for times when cleaning the Bio Media just isn’t an option.

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